Just another nuisance. An opportunity.

Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is similar to other regulation demands: one can see it as another tiresome project, or as an opportunity for your company’s integrity and customer satisfaction.

“Organisations which will show that they take the individual’s privacy seriously can expect a positive market response.”

Irena Jakša Zupančič
(Ascaldera CEO), Delo.

In cooperation with our partners, the legal office Info House, Ascaldera enables companies to achieve complete GDPR compliance. We do not simply offer a standard implementation, but a solution that is adapted to the specifics of your company, and which covers all levels of compliance: legal, organisational, and technical.

  • We go beyond elemental GDPR regulations, and consider all connected options, meaning that we check all laws and other legal documents that apply to your company.
  • We do the same on the level of organisational and internal rules, thereby enabling data protection in practice.
  • We offer you detailed consulting and equip you with knowledge for independent management of GDPR compliance.
  • Our consultants prepare your rule books and procedures.
  • We employ Data Protection Officers, who are obligatory co-workers for some types of organisations.
  • As experts on cybersecurity, we consult with you on the selection of adequate infrastructure for data protection in your company. Not to worry, we are here to install the equipment and offer support.

GDPR in practice

As we think in a long-term perspective and beyond the frames of urgency, allow us to point you to our own product line 2CriptTM, which offers a top-notch portable encryption unit, a solution for storing sensitive data on remote servers, and an advanced tool for efficient data mapping. Visit our 2CriptTM websiteTM.