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Ascaldera’s solutions adapt to your business-environment habits. We understand that, in your field of work, mobility is crucial, and that you need information right away, if not yesterday.

Having in-depth knowledge in contemporary business environments, managerial lifestyle, and our focus on optimized, secure digital business processes lead us to developing solutions which assure you with a short response-time, control over data in your organisation, efficiency and the final goal: customer satisfaction and their trust in your business. Here are some of our own solutions for mobile business performance.

GDPR app

The team of Ascaldera developed a mobile application which allows you a constant view over how your sensitive data is being treated. The app gives a real-time insight into all interventions in your databases; it shows who accessed the data, when they did so, whether the data was changed, and in what way. Most of all it keeps your data treatment transparent and secure. In short, it keeps your business GDPR compliant.

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2Cript Mobile

Bullet-proof, hack-proof, solid as a rock, while carefully designed to the most modern aesthetic trends, this is the 2Cript Mobile encryption unit, which saves and guards all your important personal and business documents and allows you to access them regardless of where you are.

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Mobile Rehab

In collaboration with the medical experts we are developing and upgrading a mobile app which helps patients in recovery from heart attack or brain stroke. The app is equipped with video-based workouts and advice, and more importantly, measurements which allow your doctor to monitor your health condition without you having to go to the hospital.

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