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We solve business challenges using the latest technology focusing on ERP solutions and custom “tailor made” software. Our exceptional customer focus, transparent approach and deep industry knowledge have delivered outstanding success to our customers.

Our team believes collaboration is one of the key factors to help you maximize the value of ERP products – increasing ROI (return on investment) and decreasing TCO (total cost of ownership). This is why we approach each customer with dedicated ERP project managers with functional and technical expertise who is engaged throughout the entire lifecycle of our long-term partnership.

We find this factor important to have so your organization succeeds and this is where we step in.

Every project goes well beyond the traditional phases of planning, implementation and support. We supports you by the implementation defined by seamless integration and alignment with business processes and expectations working together with your local team.

Furthermore, as your businesses grows, agility becomes a key factor for you. The system needs to adapt quickly with an easy reconfiguration, customization and related support. This is where we shows it best sides, due to our ability to quickly assimilate business processes and visualize our customer’s needs.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV works differently. The role-tailored experience is based on individuals within an organization, their roles, and the tasks they perform. When users first enter Dynamics NAV, they see the data needed for the daily tasks they do according to their role. Users belonging to different roles will have a different view of the system; each of them will see the functions they need to properly perform their daily tasks. Instead of the users chasing down information, the information comes to them.

Other areas of support:

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Warehouse management

  • Manufacturing

  • Job

  • Resource planning

  • Service

  • Human resource

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Odoo (previously known as Open ERP or Tiny ERP) is Enterprise Resource Planning system originated from Belgium. It’s an open source ERP, a modular system solution which can cover most of your business proceses - Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, eCommerce.

Being an open source ERP solution - Odoo attracts a lot of enthusiasts around the world who develop new features, plugins leading by a good will or curiosity. Odoo has a database of 20 000+ applications which can fit to your needs. Thus having in mind Odoo has very big community of enthusiasts you can find this solution very flexible and tailored to your needs.

Why Odoo ERP:

  • User friendly software

  • It’s a modular solution

  • Flexible and customizable 

  • All in one

  • No more painful integrations

  • Python

  • Rapidly growing

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We collaborate with your business to determine how your IT and SAP solutions can be leveraged to improve business processes and discover opportunities to improve decision-making in today’s more and more challenging environment. We offer our support and expertise in planning SAP solution implementation, implementing SAP solutions, Go-Live and post Go-Live support, offloading workload of your local IT team and SAP key users, 24/7 SAP support.

Increase control over your small business with a software designed to grow with you. Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information – so you can drive profitable growth.

Key solutions:

  • On-premise or cloud deployment

  • Integrated business intelligence

  • Integration with the SAP HANA platform

  • Quick deployment

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