For a long-term success
and customer satisfaction.

Your systems store and process large amounts of sensitive data – business plans and reports, as well as personal data on your clients. Ascaldera assures their secure transfers, minimization of digital footprints, and staying ahead of the ever evolving legal regulations.

Your company needs to establish clear rules for usage, storage and protection of data; encryption of backups, appropriate treatment, correctness, and consistency of data need to be assured in case of failure of a cloud-based infrastructure. Arbitrary rules are not enough, as even the smallest data systems are still complex networks.

We are here to carry out these critical tasks:

  • Formation of data policies for the company’s data usage and protection.

  • Establishment of encryption systems for security back-ups, needed for continuous business performance. Our own product and solution line 2Cript can be of major help!

  • Wholesome GDPR compliance.

  • Maintenance and support for encrypted business communication systems through establishment of the company’s cybersecurity.

Free Consulting!

We believe in a flexible and personalized approach to data protection in a company. Get in touch, and together we will form an optimal work plan. The introductory consulting session is offered free of charge.