2Cript is a USB storage device, which incorporates strong encryption using strong 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption. To additionally protect stored data, the device can only be unlocked using hardware PIN-pad on the device itself.

Besides ultimate degree of security, there is another benefit of 2Cript Mobile hardware-encryption approach. As the encryption/decryption process is hindered from operating system being used, it is enabled to encrypt the data, maintaining OS-agnostic approach.

This article shows few examples how to connect 2Cript to different types of computers and operating systems from PC/Windows to Phone/Android.

There are only two things to be considered when connecting 2Cript Mobile device to any type of computer:

  1. The power ability of USB port device is connected to: Although 2Cript USB disk is designed to be connected to USB 3.0 with 900mA of available current, its ability not to drain more than 450mA enables 2Cript to run on most USB 2.0 installations to. If single USB 2.0 on your computer port does not support such current, you are still able to connect 2Cript Mobile using optional Power USB 2.0 Extension Cable.
  2. The filesystem used: 2Cript Mobile comes preformatted with NTFS file system, which is fully suitable for Windows operating system and (through different enablers like ntfs-3g) also to all Linux distributions. Still it may happen some of the devices may not support it. In such case it is totally possible for 2Cript Mobile disk to be reformatted to any suitable filesystem as it is a case for ordinary USB key/disk.

Additionally, it may happen an optional Micro USB OTG cable adapter is to be used when connecting to mobile phones.

But let us share some experience with you. Before we continue, we need to stress, that unlocked 2Cript Mobile is as secure as it is secure the operating system 2Cript is attached to.


It is brutally easy to use 2Cript Mobile on all supported Windows platforms. You need just to connect it to USB port, enter your PIN and wait for the device to become active.

That’s it! Now you can use it with any software you prefer. Either Windows Explorer, Windows commander, Veeam backup or even command line tools it all work like typical USB disk connected to your PC.


Most of modern Linux distributions will mount 2Cript Mobile automatically after proper PIN is entered. And that’s mostly it!

If not mounted automatically you need to check whether automatic USB mount is enabled. If not, we suggest you to enable automatic mounting using usbmount package. The exact way of installing such package depends on your Linux distribution.

Additionally, you need to check if NTFS file system is enabled. If not, you have two options: a) to install tool like ntfs-3g or b) to reformat your drive to something more suitable (e.g. ext4).

When finished, you will be able to use the drive using standard GUI and shell tools.

Raspberry PI

We confirmed 2Cript Mobile is fully usable on RPi2 and RPi3 using default settings on Raspbian or OpenELEC. NTFS is readable and writeable by default, so you might not be interested in reformatting.

We didn’t notice any power-related issue connecting Raspberry Pi. However, as RPi is a low power device we suggest you to use Power USB 2.0 Extension Cable for better reliability.

Synology Diskstation

We tested 2Cript Mobile against Synology DiskStation 216+II and Synology 214play. As expected, we just plugged the disk in waited few moments and accessed it over usbshare shared folder.

By entering PIN, 2Cript Device automatically becomes part of Synology shared folders

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

To connect 2Cript Mobile to Galaxy Note 4 an OTG USB cable is needed. When 2Cript Mobile was formatted as NTFS, mounted has been read-only. If you intend to use mobile phone just as a side tool to read data from disk, this is to be sufficient. If not, we suggest you to use FAT32 or exFAT or use Total Commander together with USB plugin .

Apple Mac

Apple is always brutally different and this is why egocentric people love it. Just joking :-). So, 2Cript Mobile is brutally easy to work in the PC world so it comes NTFS preformatted. This isn’t much of a problem while using the device on your Mac in read only mode. For using the device in write-mode a payable application or slight reformat is needed. If later is the case, choose Disk Utility and reformat to FAT32 or exFAT from your Mac Launchpad.


We hope we presented you how it is really simple to use 2Cript Mobile on variety of computers or even NAS devices. We are glad to hear from you too. Contact us via LinkedIn or Facebook and let us know how data encryption protects your precious data.

1 Typical drain up to 250mA on simultaneous reading and writing; idle as low as 80mA. Tested on 2Cript Mobile 512GB Luxury Edition.
2 Ascaldera didn’t test Total Commander adn/or USB Plugin for security.