While cloud providers claim your data is encrypted, there are no guarantees. With recent revelations that the federal government in the USA taps into the files of Internet search engines, email and cloud service providers, the myth about Internet data “privacy” has been busted.

Field experts recognise that once data is moved to cloud, there is no guarantee whatsoever that it will remain secure. Google, for example, gets governmental and court data access requests on daily bases all around the globe. In 2013 alone, Google received 21,389 governmental requests for information affecting 33,634 user accounts in the name of the so-called Patriot act and in 66% of cases Google provided at least some data as a response to the request.

During same time, Microsoft received 70,665 requests, affecting 122,015 accounts – more than three times the Google number. Only 2.2% of those requests resulted in Microsoft turning over the actual content; 1,558 accounts were affected by this activity. Another 79.8% of requests resulted in a disclosure of the subscriber or in transactional information; (by Lucas Mearian, Computer World) , back in 2013 56,388 accounts were affected.

What about today?

After Edward Snowden, the world of data security spins faster. His NSA activity disclosures echoed around the Globe from day one.

In order to get a better inside on how fragile our data in cyberspace really is, have a look at the timelines of the main Cyber Attacks in 2012, 2013, 2014 and also 2015 (regularly updated). Go check the 16-31 March 2015 Cyber Attacks Timeline.

In year 2015 Worldwide spending on information security has reached $71.1 billion.

“IT decision makers’ spending on security technologies will increase 46% in 2015, with cloud computing increasing 42% and business analytics investments up 38% “ was reported on Forbes.

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