5 Tips To Leverage ITSM Tools for Digital Customer Service Management

Digital Customer Service Management

Digital Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where businesses are won or lost.

Why digital customer service management?

Digital customer service can be defined as meeting the needs of customers and consumers through digital channels like email messages, text messages, online chat and social media.

Common Challenges of Digitization in Customer Service Management

Where do customer service organizations struggle with the digitization of their business processes and how to master those challenges.

Customers demand exceptional customer experience (CX) all along their digital customer journey.



The more digital the journey is the higher will be the customer satisfaction. Source: McKinsey Survey

Good customer experience will produce more customers, more sales, and more loyalty. By providing digital customer service, a business can significantly reduce costs and deliver flawless and more satisfying customer experiences.

How to leverage ITSM tools for the digitization of your customer service management

You might have an enterprise-wide ITSM tool already in place. Initially for internal IT processes only but over time used for almost all internal business processes.

Companies must focus on implementing and delivering good ITSM to meet the differentiated experiences demanded by the digital-age customer.

It’s worth to take a look and find out if and how you can leverage your existing ITSM tool for your digital customer service management.

Shift from an “inside-out” to an “outside-in” approach.

Does your ITSM tool provide a look at your business from the customer perspective? Services and processes are designed for and deliver frictionless interactions. Can services be defined in terms of value creation and outcomes?

Map out your customer journey across all channels.

How can you provide a consistent experience across phone, email, webchat and social?

Effective knowledge management.

Customers prefer to help themselves as much as possible. How can your ITSM tools facilitate that? Knowledge written and presented from the customer perspective enables self-help, which creates that positive experience that customers want.


Customer services processes must be free of any waste and redundant data entry. Processes that are poorly designed will negatively impact the customer experience. Is your ITSM tool fit for that?


We believe your ITSM tool can do more than you know but because it was used for internal and especially IT related business processes you in Customer Service Department might not have full insight in it’s capabilities.

We at Ascaldera help customer service organizations to master the challenges of digitization their business processes.

Take a look at our 2 HOUR ONLINE CS WORKSHOP, led by Andrej Kajzer, Chief Technical Consultant at Ascaldera to give you our hands-on project experiences with ITSM platforms for Digital CS such as ServiceNow, Remedy and Odoo.

Our experience shall help you to a) select the right IT platform for your needs but also to b) identify the capabilities and limitations of your existing platform.


Report - Common Challenges of Digitization in Customer Service Management